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Airline Center of Excellence

I joined a logo contest in our company and won, yay! I have no idea what the logo is going to be used for so I made a mock for a t-shirt. Anyway, here's how it looks:

Font used: Montserrat

Wall Climbing Badge

This was supposed to be a project for a local adventure camp, but it didn't push through so might as well share it with you guys. :)

Font used: Nickainley
Icons from The Noun Project, see below:

Roehl and Karen

Wedding invitation layout and design! As usual, this is a mock up only haha. If you're interested in having your invites designed, feel free to contact me. :)

Fonts used: Libre Baskerville, Edwardian Script
Floral background:

Hope you like it!

Marty and Cara

Wedding invite layout and design. Photo below is a mockup only on recycled paper with torn edges.

The actual ouput is quite different though 'cos we couldn't find hand-made recycled paper that wouldn't jam the printers. They're usually super thick hehe.

Fonts used: Goldoni, Day Roman

N&G Save the Date card

Logo design on greeting card mockup

Mockup from

A&J Save the Date Card

Logo design on greeting card mockup :)

Mockup from

R&C Notebook Cover Design

Wedding favor for R&C

Mockup from

Flower background is from It's actually a wallpaper but here I used it for mockup purposes.

R&Z Wedding Menu Card

Menu card idea for R&Z.

This was actually a wedding favor. The original output was just the logo but of course I had to do a digial mockup of it! :D

Fonts used: Goldoni, Day Roman, Mermaid, Open Sans, Trendsetter

M&A Mug Design

Wedding souvenir idea.

Cup mockup from Freepik